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Over the years, you write intros about you from different angles, how it looks depends on requirements of the moment (social network profiles, homepage), here are mine:
And some passages collected:

  • "Activism is like they project all their shit on our little lifes!" :|
  • "Ein Traum wäre es, wenn sich daraus eine Bewegung als Alternative entwickelt zur "Occupy-Bewegung" - etwas Ehrlicheres, wo Leute nur ihre Geschichte erzählen wie es wirklich war, ohne Ideologie. Menschen, die zu ihrem Wort stehen, fragen ob was sie bekommen ihnen auch wirklich zusteht. Privatsphäre, Religion und Besitz anderer respektieren."
  • Facebook-page: human rights activist > politics, Menschenrechtsaktivist in der Politik. | Jemand von den Jugendamts-gekickten Kids/Teens, die überlebten, zu anerkannten Aktivisten wurden, und Gerechtigkeit durchsetzen helfen. - Du willst in die große Politik > gegen Bologna, Jugend-/Studentenarmut, Karrieregeile, Jugendämter, Ideologie und politische Gewalt. für religiöse Toleranz, Minderheiten
    rechte + Benachteiligte; Lokales, Drogenpolitik, Bildung, Gesundheit, Antipsychiatrie/-pädagogik, LGBT. Ziel ist es, eine (un)politische Bewegung gegen die Gewalt der Zombies aufzubauen.
  • from the old LJ-profile: You want to make it into big politics and together with friends found a movement, in order to fight for minority/subculture rights, and these of businesses/families/nice people:
    free personal development, society climate suitable for business, families' choice of tax-$ use for private school if public school system not trustworthy, student rights/vs. Bologna-prison + related poverty, gothic, EDNOS scene, anti-bullying, against ideology and CPS='child protection service' violence, +vs. racism/Hiphop/Zombies; the goal is esp. to built a second political road (activists>politics, conscience instead of defamative arena, and a competition to mean politology) in order to relieve the partly violent climate of austerity-times. so-to-speak a limited experiment to give well-mannered citizens more chances, again, like an insurance
    It's about protecting rights, in times which will soon become even harder. The Zombies traditionally try to blame minorites + further disown them of their chances.
  • A dream it would be if some monocultures amended which prevent change:
    • That of state-employed teachers' and social pedagogue unions —which dominate much of European politics due to the masses of them enlisted in parties— to give parents a choice where to spend their taxpayer's money used for education: in public or private schools.
    • This does not mean the citizen has the right to directly decide the use of taxes, it's just > the public school system here which bullies the best till they're wrecks or kill themselves, can only be fixed by competition. Currently it pollutes society with hatespeech. Europe sees high taxes due to a socialist school system - most people can't even begin to afford choices.
    • Also, vocational training of European politicians became a monoculture, where strange young Zombies play chief-ideologist and know-it-all. To ensure diversity, this education could be split between universities, and private colleges. > A second way vs. greed.
    • Your belief ~ Modern systems are increasingly threatened by hidden socialism - that people (you call them 'Zombies') expect more than they deserve and act relentlessly, trusting on the dynamic that anger about it will discharge on others, due to the fact parts of social science neglect their duty to define+defend rules (academic mobbing).
    • One main goal is to build networks as alternatives to the radicalized Occupy movement, WikiLeaks and Anonymous, so that responsible-acting people who believe in privacy, trust and loyalty, will have chances, again.
    • All this you'd normally never say, only after you really paid the price.
  • Old first page intro:
    A little place for humanistic alternatives>activism. I call my homepage 'Activist Graveyard' because much of the human rights scene currently seems to be just that. .xX.

    My name is J. Schlüter; often feels like one's the only neutral (not->naive/leftist/rightwing/party affiliated) activist left in Germany without conviction and a good reputation. I mean people whom others who face discrimination can contact = have a chance to get backing by an acknowledged human rights campaigner. I want to take a small part in defining European activism, which in its current ~vague form (vulnerable to prejudices) ruins too many lifes. The big project I'm working on is a social network site starting in June/July, currently searching for support/admins/cooperation.

    Several blogs containing basic texts. The website is mostly a place where people find references>taboos of real life, like psychiatry, intellectual/youth poverty, bullying, humanism and other fields, to build a new scene. Main focus will soon be building a community/movement, to protect vs. police/DA-abuse and injustice in education/psychiatry - standing of minorities. It's a lot about chances in life for youth, vs. the new hate.

    • Lightweight interface for fast access to blogs. Speed.
    • You get an complete experience, e.g. technical background and intersections to life - even PC-tutorials.
    • If you or your friends get mobbed, you'll find material which helps you explain, and secure your lifes.
    • To link to such sites or recommend them, and so show that you are decent+care, leads to change.