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Are you unsatisfied with your blog's statistics, too?

Many of us seem kinda bitter; noone really manages to hide it long, though most don't talk about this. -> Your pageview statistics usually suck (good, but no growth). Even big names of the blogosphere (in private/when they trust you) will say basically the same, no matter what platform, or amount of energy put into little publications. You can only get this far it seems, except very opportunistic posts, and big luck.

I guess we all agree: This is not a good time for awareness blogging, everyone knows some reasons why ('affluent society', search engine spamming/trolls, science discrediting the web, political climate, poll fakes/'studies', etc.). You're then going through all options what to change. Perhaps share the measures you considered and prefer for yourself. :)*

Do you plan to...
  • port/test your material -> other blog communities than before
  • self-host (please name the script)
  • go static/archival approach (reformat your blog to old HTML)
  • try to change the format (blog -> video podcasting, multiuser/community)
  • continue without modifications till the climate eases
  • blog less frequently/inner emigration
  • put $ into advertising/gfx (if you have)
  • or a mix of these?


My consideration so far is to start playing with a community-draft (though not much energy), and over the upcoming months/real life networking in the region, perhaps something interesting will develop there. I long for a central place to carry all my little tweets etc., as I fear that people rather want it this way than the dividing line between blogs, tweets/bookmarks, old static pages, and community experiments/widgets. I feel most just like the touch of knowing there's still something critical out there? Privacy is a big concern in Germany, my stats are still relatively good, but too few backlinks.

Edited at 2012-10-17 05:33 pm (UTC)