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Vegetating after root end surgery lol

It's the 3rd (usually tough) day after apicoectomy at my back tooth (Nr. 46), and I'm glad to have a pain killer + stay at home with an open window, so that it's half-way cool. Without, this flat share room (see galleries for some images) belongs to the tropical regions of planet earth..

Yesterday evening I sprinted to an emergency dentist (feels strange/certainly looked funny on a "go out-day", but when I called they were just a quarter of an hour from closing time and them the only one medical practice, so I had to run; elsewise would have had to get morphium from an hospital, this level of pain). Went there again this morning after additional matter built up and I couldn't bear it. Nice doctor family, me ++grateful. Also to my new Russian neighbour <3 who helped me out with 20€ for antibiotics, painkillers and feast-day pharmacy fees. X)

So, not much going on; sorting my computer files, work with GDrive. Food>swallowed tiny-cut cold Spaghetti (chewing forbidden), try to forgive myself the calories.

Listening to Mazzy Star "I've been let down"




they took your wisdom tooth! that's a tough one. did you back it up on your g-drive first? just a-kidding. it must hurt.