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Links, credits

Starting points

Human rights-related sites I like

Social networks, sites
  • Pinboard (shared bookmarks/drafts, Twitter-import. it deslacks my places. for news-snippets and backups/archival account)
  • LiveJournal (my main blog. on LJ you can also found communities, have a gallery, and most important great templates/paid account)
  • Myspace (social community where you can befriend me in public/private. like on LJ, you get contact much more easily for serious topics, than on Facebook)
  • MyOpera-community flavored by this great webbrowser (left today are some favorites for it. nice devoted ppl e.g. from Africa/Asia. my site wouldn't exist without a stopover, there 2009-10)
  • DeviantART (gfx community, cool if you love glamour photos)
  • Splitweet (multi account manager. without that my Twitter-channel hadn't existed)
  • HootSuite (" what I mostly used, lateron. etc.; not yet compliant to EU Safe Harbor so not for private data)
  • StatCounter (my webtracker, I'm there because they respect privacy of website-visitors, and you can install that for all your projects. I had the 4€-entry level account, currently I go without due to being ~broke)
  • HostDime, Arvixe (recommendable webspaces, each with a great support+everything. latter was current, I might return there 2013 for dedicated hosting)
  • NameCheap (domain registrar, highly recommendable/privacy offers, support+interface)
  • FreeFind (search engine which powers the function on my blog, excellent customization; they kindly gave me a free account with plenty space for the time where I can't afford it =))
  • Surf.to (nice redirector. I relied on that in the early times when I had no $ for a real domain)
  • you want more tips/useful applications? -> get my bookmark-bar in the download-section
  • file-hosters G-/SkyDrive, Box

Picture site credits

Scripts/helpful pages
Campaigns I liked