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distant journal

minority rights/activism, life in strange times

J.'s Place
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  • Deutsches Intro (German)

  • Mix of official + private blog; computer-tutorials, activism, subculture, religion, freedom.

  • I'm one of these who joined politics in order to fight together with others for the rights of minorities, youth, families, religious freedom and a better climate for business+living. - In austerity-times, much is endangered by hateful complacent affluent society Zombies who have lost all sense for what one can just demand, badmouthing everything+anyone into their mobile phones.

    Big goal is along with like-minded to initiate a new political movement which could help prevent/calm an increased climate of greed+violence.  more intros

  • Here you find countless texts advocating for justice and tolerance. The blog will follow the hard road to politics. Much of the content is bilingual or in (hopefully passable) English, as activism organizes in a globalized way; fortunately, most Germans and esp. the target groups speak English quite well.

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