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Under Construction Nov. 9-14th

The last seven days saw the biggest cleanup of my little project so far. Had to read through all content since the beginnings 2007 > not easy.

Updated many pages. If you copied the site in the past, please replace it.

Daily life: I have a stupid +painful back-injury from jogging since 3 1/2 weeks, now first signs of healing. - 2Checkout, a payment-system I use for subscribed internet services, has gotten compatibility-issues with MasterCards (or the other way around), can't remit these bills for now till I have Visa, probably not before next month. It feels :| to write their sales-support such, I want things to run smoothly and expect to have an image of reliability, which got screwed again for no reason. Generally not a good time/eczema < too cheap diet. I need to increase my lifestyle.

However more important than all this, I'm happy about the shape this project meanwhile has. I can change the layout at any time, but for now I like it *90s*. <3 LJ. Have to check how much work I can put into this without neglecting other fields of life.


(Sunday 25th, towards 18:00 -> last corrections, also imported old Twitter-stream)

Tuesday 23:40 -> Finished :) except some old blog-entry dates to research/add when I'm in the mood for that. So relieved + feeling absolutely whacked. .xX.

Monday 08:00 -> In the middle of this big migration.^^

Sunday 22:30 -> Didn't get as far. All current entries have been resorted, rest for the upcoming days *tired*.

November 10th -> Yesterday I dissolved the three community-blogs and moved the best entries, here. Now the static homepage (so that visitors can comment everything): categories will become tags, mailed documents/attachments pasted into blogs, and a downloadable archive with the old material for historical/authenticity-reasons. Until end of the weekend broken links should be fixed.