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Short view on Julian Assange's case/granted asylum in Ecuador

Just saw that, live. Is it a good sign for asylum, or bad for other asylum-seekers?

What's for sure, Assange again catched all the attention in provocative manner, and one can only hope now that this won't affect third parties. The first fear of normal asylum-seekers > being viewed as someone who potentially overexaggerates things, right? Hopefully noone will be too careful in granting asylum with at close look justified requests.

This is an European view. Regions can be unsafe in a way it makes leaving one's country necessary, but these people don't even request asylum. Assange so far was a relative pain for human rights activism in Europe, why do they take them, seriously?! May suggest people would just give asylum a try, while actually leaving one's country is a dicision most need years to make.


pussy riot

if pussy riot can be set free, so can assange. the operative word behind all this is "fake". posturing by vice fakirs (voice fakers)..

arrest the criminals, not the voices for peace
; )