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Weeks when you can't work inside

Guys, did you ever experience this > one's vital and positive about life mainly when not at home? This is my big problem at the moment. Can watch some movies inside, but serious online work? I haven't yet decided what to do about it, but seems I need to save more of my money in order to buy some used notebook so I can work underway in nature, in order to better meet personal deadlines. I feel way behind my schedule, but fear if I force things, this would look like it, dark and depressed, which is not exactly my exclusive approach of choice towards life. After all, not the first time I've been through burnout, with Ednos being little help, and I know this will pass.

Actually it's quite an old issue, which came into effect recently when I wanted job applications a bit too perfect (you know, against all prejudices). So I worked on my documents many times for 1-2 weeks. Since last Sunday it's like > either being outside for big hikes, or kinda "hanging in the chair" weakly, depending just on the choice one takes in the morning; and that's weird, right?

Maybe the body demands a change, too little lifestyle for too long work phases in the past?


Today in the evening I went to Augsburg Messezentrum, raining [funny > people brushing past in the distance, some smiling>], to picnick at this lost roofed train stop that was never used at all/20 years, overlooking a strange labyrinth of 6 bus stations with train lines and nature inbetween also hardly ever utilized. That's my favorite spot since 10 years.

This evening I will watch some movies, and read lyrics at band sites. On my mp3-player Nikka Costa (YT-profile)'s 'Butterfly Rocket' (one of the richest albums ever produced, pure 90s light feeling), and O'Doubt o'Stars by ruby throat 2 (my favorite 2012 album, I <3 everything about it. some reviews).



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